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5 SEO Myths You Should Ignore

May 06, 20243 min read

Keyword research is dead.

Keyword research is still as important as it has always been, and for good reason: it may still help uncover large advertising target regions.

There is no secret strategy to keyword research; just plain old hard work. You will not be successful until you invest the time and effort into researching how consumers seek information and identifying new opportunities based on that knowledge.

Keyword research should be the initial step in any SEO or PPC plan that employs keywords to generate traffic. Finding the right keyword combinations to create a lot of traffic and convert into new consumers might spell the difference between success and failure in your digital marketing campaigns.

PageRank has died.

Although PageRank has evolved recently

The original goal of the PageRank algorithm was to forecast where your website listing would appear in Google's Search Results in a more linear fashion.

Google has changed the structure of the search results page, such that entries no longer display in a straight list but instead include sections such as Snack Packs, Question and Answer, Google Maps, Shopping, Video, and more.

Although organic listings make up a small portion of the page, there are numerous more ways SEOs can increase traffic to your website.

Meta descriptions do not matter.

Although some people believe that meta descriptions are insignificant or useless, they do have a modest impact on how well your sites rank, and Google uses them to generate the descriptions that appear on search engine results pages.

Despite being hidden from visitors, many search engines will display a page's meta description as a snippet of text in search results. Because Google and other search engines read your meta description, you should put as much effort into excellent writing as you do into other page content.

Mobile-Friendly Is Enough.

It goes without saying that having a fully mobile optimised website is extremely beneficial to ranking high on a search engine's mobile version, whether it is Google, Bing, or Yahoo.

Although not the last deciding factor in search results, Google prioritises mobile-friendly sites when determining how to rank a website.

Because of the volume of web traffic generated by mobile devices, providing a positive user experience through good mobile design and optimised code for speedy delivery has become an essential component of any quality website and is now included in the Core Web Vitals metrics.

Page speed has no bearing on your ranking.

It is unlikely that your website's slowness or performance would affect its grade.

As the mobile platform has grown in popularity, page speed has become increasingly important, as has user experience.

There are numerous techniques for improving site performance, the most common of which is to do a lighthouse or Google page speed evaluation to find areas for improvement in both technical and content issues.

The initial paint should take no longer than two seconds. This number is an industry benchmark that most companies aim for while creating websites.

This is not always possible due to page infrastructure and functionality, however newer solutions address this particularly. In summary, page speed is an important component of any SEO or digital strategy and should be adjusted whenever possible.

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