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How to make sure your website is optimised for Mobile SEO

April 09, 20242 min read

With over 60% of all online searches now happening on mobile phones, it’s quite simple; if you’re not optimising your website and content for mobile, then you’re going to lag behind.

We have extensive experience building websites that are fully responsive for mobile, offering web build packages that will essentially provide you with two versions of the same site, in the ideal form for the platform on which they will be engaged. This will set you apart from those who don’t have it.

With this in mind, we thought we'd lift ‍the lid on a few of our key principles for effective mobile SEO.

Mobile SEO principles

The best principles for efficient mobile SEO are:

  • Prioritise Your Content: Mobile screens differ from PC screens in terms of layout, eye-drawing, and usability. It's worth considering what a user will see when they browse through each page.

  • Make it Easy to Convert: Whether selling a product, enlisting a client for a service, contacting you for additional details, or simply following you on social media, each page should be designed to convert based on its goals. If it takes more than a few finger taps, most people will not bother.

  • Keep Your Layout Simple: By all means, make your site as visually appealing and rich in excellent material as possible, but don't confuse the mobile experience. It's one thing to engage with a complex site while sitting at a laptop, but many phone users will first meet it while walking down the street or waiting on a crowded train, so it must deliver the goods within seconds of their arrival.

  • Designed for Fingers and Thumbs: Navigating a website with your fingers and thumbs is a distinct experience from using a mouse and screen. You'll need to design your site with this in mind, as well as the reality that mobile consumers require a site that looks good in both portrait and landscape orientations.

  • Features Unique to Mobile: There are some features that work much better on mobile, from links to apps to features like offering a QR reader through the phone camera. There are many other features you can use for the mobile version of your site, and some you may want to remove.

  • Speed Optimisation: You must ensure that your site's speed has been improved so that the mobile version can provide quick results for both users and search engines. Slower load times can result in a substantially greater bounce rate, as visitors browse away from a slow page even faster while using mobile, as they are typically on the go.

  • Intelligent URLs: You'll also want to make sure that all of your mobile URLs are mobile-friendly, since Google will not display them in their results unless they meet the proper mobile markup requirements.

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Jamie Carter

As a seasoned Managing Director at We Are Web, I provide over two decades of significant, hands-on knowledge in the rapidly evolving digital business. My professional experience includes director-level positions in digital, operations, logistics, and distribution across many industries, as well as leading innovative projects in web and B2B lead generation, inbound and outbound marketing, and site design and development.

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