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SEO and Google Ads, How Google Ads should educate SEO

April 26, 20244 min read

One of the most important contemporary debates is which is better for a business: SEO or Google Ads (pay per clicks, or PPCs). It is widely known that SEO drives organic traffic to a site, which is better ranked than PPC. This could be misleading because some website owners assume that Google ads are not very valuable. It is worth mentioning that some websites do particularly well with PPC, especially when targeting a wider audience.

How Google Ads Work.

To obtain a grasp of PPC, consider one of the most well-known PPC models, Google Ads. This is Google's pay-per-click advertising service. Many businesses use Google advertising to display ads next to searches on the search engine for a charge, at the exact time that consumers search for the content you supply. Google Ads helps you attract qualified traffic, or clients that are a suitable fit for your company's services and products. Google Ads can help increase your website traffic, resulting in more in-store visits, phone calls, and emails.

One only pays if a web user clicks on their ad and goes to the site. A larger audience will be able to recognise you online thanks to this marketing strategy. It is worth noting that Google advertising allows you to personalise your ads at any time, allowing you to target specific demographics. You may effectively promote your content or product by targeting people based on their location, interests, and other criteria.

This immediacy has the advantage of greatly benefiting small businesses that are unable to update their SEO on a daily basis to reflect current sales, seasonal changes, promotions, discounts, and so on.

You can use Google advertising to promote your website outside of Google by displaying ads on related sites in the Google Display Network (GDN). Because the GDN is made up of thousands of sites, you can connect with more potential clients. Google Ads offers the simplicity of selecting certain websites or a target population to contact, and the PPC will build a list for you.

While Google Ads and other pay-per-click models cannot produce SEO-like results, they do provide flexibility that allows businesses of all sizes to effectively capture the attention of relevant people online at the critical time - the exact moment customers are looking for a solution that your company offers.

It is worth noting that Google Ads provides AdWords, which has been known to revolutionise driving traffic. While SEO can take up to 12 months to yield substantial results, an AdWords campaign can be set up and launched in a matter of hours and produce comparable results.

Can you use Google Ads for SEO?

The tools offered with Google Ads can be used to teach people how to improve their websites. Take, for example, the Keyword Tool. You can get ideas for generating a list of keywords related to your business, which will help you create a lot of searches. These can then be integrated into your website's content.

You may also use the Negative Keywords tool to learn about keywords that you do not want to rank for, which is quite valuable for SEO.

Google Ads also contains tracking tools for determining whether changes to a site or campaign improve traffic or conversion rates.

AdWords, as previously said, is quite useful for SEO. You can also use it to improve organic growth by:

  • Re-marketing can accelerate outcomes by offering additional information on potential consumers and recapturing non-converting visitors.

  • Providing a search term report may help you determine which keywords to use for SEO.

  • Improving geographic performance is highly beneficial to local SEO.

  • Helping with SEO proposals.

Google Ads is quite useful for those wanting to get SEO. If followed correctly, the guidelines above can help you boost your SEO. Consider Google Ads, an ongoing SEO strategy, to be an investment that will catapult you to the top of the SEO performance rankings in a short amount of time.

Please feel free to contact us for great ideas on how Google Ads should educate SEO. We have over 5 years of experience in this industry and can offer the necessary support. We will discuss how we can help your website reach its maximum potential using Google Ads and SEO. Our experts will show you how to leverage Google Ads tools and AdWords to improve your website's SEO tactics.

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